Membership Information

Established in 1997, ISPR was formed to bring physician recruiters together to share ideas for a more progressive and dedicated approach to the recruitment and retention of physicians. We provide networking and professional development opportunities for recruiters to enhance professionalism and maintain a selective, knowledgeable approach to recruitment, retention and acquisitions of physicians and allied health care providers.

Membership Criteria

Membership is open to individuals who are directly involved in and have primary responsibility for the recruitment, retention, or acquisitions of physicians and/or other medical staff, and who are employed or contracted to do so by a hospital, hospital system, clinic, medical group, practice, or not-for-profit health care association within the state of Illinois. The physician recruiter may be physically located outside of the state of Illinois as long as the positions(s) that the recruiter is filling are located within the state.

Cost of Membership

Annual Membership Dues: $100 per member
Dues are billed electronically on an annual basis every January 1st

How to Apply

Please print and complete the Membership Application and return it to Jennifer Goodwin. If you have any questions please call Jennifer at 815-705-1470 or email at .

Quarterly Meetings
ISPR members meet quarterly at various facilities throughout Illinois. The meetings are held on the second Wednesday or Thursday of January, April, July and September. The meetings are used for networking with peers, listening to reports from officers and committees, and educational time from inside or external speakers as the agenda permits. Lunch is always provided at the meetings. For more information on our upcoming meetings, click here.

E-mail Networks
ISPR members benefit from being included in an email network both in Illinois and Nationally. Both networks provide an invaluable tool for recruiters to bounce ideas off of peers and to ask about experience with various topics. members are free to respond to topics that interest them or that they have experience with.

  • The ISPR network is only open to ISPR members and provides the opportunity gather information that may be exclusive or pertinent to Illinois recruiters, providers and health systems. ISPR Members are automatically signed up for the ISPR E-mail Network upon application and receipt of dues.
  • The National Network is managed by Cass Greene. She can be reached at, or at (828) 268-0047. Cass keeps a backlog of specific topics from the network, which is an invaluable tool to a recruiter needing information. She also manages the network by sending the emails and responses. Currently, this network represents over 14,000 hospitals, practices and clinics!
  • AAPPR(Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment) is a national association provided for inhouse recruiter’s as well. They also offer an email network on various topics of interest on a daily basis, as well as their annual conference and various other benefits. Contact AAPPR at to learn more about their membership benefits.

Complimentary Online Job Posting
ISPR Members are offered the opportunity to post one free job posting on the ISPR Website, powered by PracticeLink. PracticeLink representatives are available to help recruiters set up their posting if they do not already have a PracticeLink account.

ISPR Online Resource Catalog
ISPR members are given access to the exclusive “Members Only” section of the ISPR website. The Members Only area of the website includes a long list of relevant presentations and white papers pertaining to such topics as:

  • The Effect of Health Care Reform on Physician Recruitment
  • Using Social Media and Generational Recruitment
  • Medical Staff Alignment
  • Current Immigration and GME Updates
  • Retention Strategies

ISPR Physician Recruitment Fair
ISPR sponsors a physician job fair in the fall of each year, usually held at a hotel in Chicago in conjunction with their annual conference. Participants are able to set up booths to advertise their facility and job opportunities. ISPR membership is not required to attend. This fair is heavily advertised to targeted residency and fellowship programs within Illinois and the wheel states around Illinois. More than 300 local physicians have attended the job fair in years past!

ISPR Midwest Recruiters’ Annual Conference
Since 2000, ISPR has sponsored and organized an educational forum for physician recruiters. ISPR membership is not required to attend. This two-day event continues to grow and is typically held in conjunction with the ISPR Physician Recruitment Fair. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about current topics in healthcare recruitment as well as the opportunity to network with fellow recruiters and recruitment vendors. Participation in the ISPR Conference and Job Fair Committee provides members with a variety of ways to get more involved with the organization.

Discounts on Professional services
ISPR has teamed up with a number of companies that provide physician recruitment support services and tools to offer eligible ISPR members discounted rates.